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Used Engines/Parts for Japanese Vehicles

Our major handling items are "used Engines & Parts" for Japanese Vehicles. 

Big Capacity

Are you afraid of unbalanced availability ???  You do not need to worry,  all kinds of engines/parts from small gasoline ones to very big diesel ones can be prepared in good balance. 

Are you afraid of availability ???   You do not need to worry, big numbers of Engines are available in our stock yard as running stock waiting for your orders.

Full range of varietirity

​Condition checked and tested !!!

Are you afraid of condition of goods ???

You do not need to worry, all engines are well 

checked and tested  one by one before delivery.

Loading the goods into Container

Are you afraid of Loading Containers ???

You do not need to worry, we have a lot of experience, our skillful staffs manage everything well.

Try with us, and feel the difference !!!

Used Forklifts and Construction Machinery

As well as used Engines/Parts for Vehicles, we are strongly handling used Construction Machinery having excellent relation with local Yards and many major Auctions.

A lot of Forklifts are also available !!!

Shipments of these Machinery are to be by full containers or by Roll-on/Roll-off vessel.

You do not need worry about loading containers, we are well experienced and skillful.

Try with us, and feel the difference !!!

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